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Cat Food for Sensitive Cats


First post, so let me know if there's any additional information you need to know

I have two 11 month old orange tabby cats (George and Ted, they are brothers), who seem to have very sensitive stomachs. They often have soft stool, and I have taken them to the vet regarding this, and they were given some medication. It seems to have returned. Not only do they have soft stool, but they also poo on the floor, just outside the litter box. They don't do this all the time, just when the stool is soft. The vet says they associate the discomfort of the diarrhea with the litter box, so they go on the floor. It's becoming quite a bad problem.

The vet suggested we switch to a better quality food, but didn't specifically recommend one. Currently I'm feeding them "Fancy Feast" mixed in with Presidents Choice kibble. Apologies for my ignorance, but is this food healthy enough for my cats? My feeling is that since it is causing their stomachs to be upset, they need something better.

Can someone recommend an affordable brand of wet and dry cat food that I can feed to two cats with sensitive stomachs? Hopefully this will cure their bad habit of eliminating on the floor - I've tried everything else I've read here.
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