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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I would think force feeding him would only made his anxiety worst . Yes you could over feed him if you're give him too much food. If he is not eating on his own there has to be a very good reason why .
Unfortunately we do not know why he won't eat. After blood work, 2 sets of X-rays and an ultrasound, the only thing that stood out was a thickening of stomache and intestinal walls. If I did not feed him over the past couple of months he would have died and considering he brought me a chipmunk treat the other day, he still wants to be here.

When I do feed him, he does not struggle and when he's had enough(turns his head away and stands up) I stop feeding him. The last 2 days I've tried offering food to him more often and at end of day I weight him,if he's 8.4 - 8.6 pounds I won't force any more food, if he starts to drop in weight, I give him food.

I'm really hoping that we've turned a corner as I think we both are getting tired of force feeding)
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