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CRF question. New diagnosis.

So my poor little baby, Harbor, was diagnosed with CRF two nights ago. I took her to the ER vets due to a lack of urination and bowel movements. They did the blood tests and urine analysis...her Creatinine was 4.7 and her BUN 76. I thought she was dehydrated as well since she drank SO much water the prior two days...and they gave her NO fluids. I didn't even think to ask because I was so in shock and upset that she had CRF. I called back the ER vets yesterday to see why that wasn't administered and they said that Harbor they looked at her test results and she really wasn't all that dehydrated. I was talking to a vet assistant and the ER doctor who looked at Harbor on Tuesday night wasn't in, so they got another vet to take a look.
She was normal then but last night was lethargic and distant from well as today before I left for work. Part of me thinks it's due to the UTI meds I am giving to her, which she hates.
She also had blood in her stool last night, which I think may be due to stress (that has happened before after a vets visit) or due to the constipation she had.
Should I take her back to the ER vets tonight to see if she needs fluids?? And what is going on with the stool? I am so worried about her and my normal vet isn't in tomorrow.
Thank you guys for your help...
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