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A sad day :(

I never posted here much, but have followed the site. and sadly, today we lost our Lucy. She was a red pure bred doberman pincher, 8 yrs old, and with more personality than a lot of people I know. One of the reason I wanted to post this was to warn others. We lost Lucy to bloat and (i believe) twisted stomach. I'm still shocked at how fast it happened, and how quickly we lost her. at 6 PM, as we do every day, we fed her and our other dog their usual food and quantity of it. later in the evening she was acting like she was a little sick, but showed no signs that she would be dead in less than 7 hours. When I got up for work at 4 am and saw her I knew something was seriously wrong. her stomach had bloated up to the point where she could barely walk. we of course called the nearest emergency clinic to bring her in but unfortunately we lost her before we could even get her in the car. It was a life that ended far sooner than it should have, and in one fail swoop I lost my dog best friend, and most loyal companion all at once.

In closing, I've done a bit of reading on this and have found it's far more common then I ever knew. Be aware of it, the signs, symptoms and emergency treatment needed to save your dog. when it happens, you can literally be looking at a window of only a few hours to save your dog, and window that closed for me before I could do anything.

Most of what is believed to cause or prevent this condition is anecdotal and there is very little hard fact. but because it's digestive related, and probably tied to eating, it most often strikes in the middle of the night, as it did to me.

don't let this happen to you.

I'll miss you girl
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