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Originally Posted by Megan1967 View Post
I don't want a dog that has any extreme features which will make it less sound. I love Monty dearly, but I can't see getting another corgi because they are dwarfs. Breeding specifically for a genetic weakness makes no sense to me. I hate the fact that I have to worry that he might hurt himself jumping up and down from high places. I want a solid sturdy dog.
corgi's are very sturdy dogs. Their short legs have a definite purpose, they are a herding dog, low to the ground so as to not get kicked by cattle. I don't understand why you think they are "dwarfs" and that it's a genetic weakness. I see it as a strong point of the breed, to be able to herd so successfully.

as for dogs that are good w/ cats, I think harmony can be achieved with any breed, if rules are set and followed STRICTLY... NEVER EVER allow the dog to chase the cat, and the dog must have a strong LEAVE IT. I have a basenji-mix and 2 cats who all live in harmony - my dog understands the cats are higher up in the pack than he is, he is NEVER allowed to chase or rough house w/ them, and he must LEAVE IT if asked (which he does). these are "his" cats though - stray cats who wander into our yard would not be treated so kindly.
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