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Originally Posted by budgrrl View Post
i got him from a co-worker who assured me they were all litter trained, eating hard food, and good to go!
Yikes. Ya, they should stay with mom and litter mates until at least 8 weeks, preferably up to 12 weeks. That's too bad because he's going to miss out on some hugely important socialization. Hopefully your co-worker is going to spay the mom now to prevent more unwanted litters.

As for the hard food, any way you can feed him canned instead? It's especially important for male cats to eat wet food because they're so prone to life-threatening urinary tract blockages. You can leave canned out for him to free-feed on, or else feed him at least 4 times a day while he's so young.

Originally Posted by budgrrl View Post
would you suggest me moving the existing litter to the main floor? or getting an additional litter box on the main floor? i dont want to confuse the poor lil guy when he does go downstairs to go potty.
I would add a second box upstairs and leave it there until he's a few months old. Then do another gradual move downstairs if you'd prefer it there, but go really really slowly. Good luck!
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