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Unhappy kitten potty issues - advice much needed!

i have recently gotten a kitten approximately a month ago. i got him at 6 weeks old - now being 10 weeks.
i started him in a wee lil litter box in the bathroom, until he was big enough to go up and down the stairs with ease to use his big boy potty.

he uses his big boy potty now, knows where it is, i clean it daily, etc. i have had cats my whole life.
this lil turkey had a few 'accidents' when i took away the lil litter box - pee'ing where the old one used to be...i wasnt that concerned as he was just confused.
however, he has since pee'd on newspapers i had in a basket on the floor, clothes on the floor, mats at the back door, bare floor behind a speaker, and today i caught him pee'ing on my leather chair i had covered with a blankie so he wouldnt scratch it as he scales it to get up on it. after checking, he had pee'd on it a few times (judging by the wet marks) and also another chair that was also covered with a blankie.
as i caught him today, i grabbed him immediately to take him down to his litter box, however, he squiggled out of my hands, and ran the basement, in his litter box!

he clearly knows where to go and goes there daily - always pee and poop in it...but seems to also feel he can go whereever the heck he wants to! soooo frustrating!
i have since cleaned everything over and over with javex to get the pee smell out.

any suggestions?! i have never had potty issues with cats before and i am losing my mind!!
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