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it's probably not serious, but you can probably CALL the vet and speak to a vet-tech about at home care.

take the bandaid off - just do it best you can - you don't want that sticking to his fur much longer. don't use bandaids in the future.

GREAT that you cleaned it up! I would simply use a WARM clean facecloth and gently pat the area, let it air dry, then put a DAB of antibacterial ointment on. it's ok if the pup licks it off, just using a dab won't harm him if licked off. BUT do try to keep him distracted for a few minutes at first.

keep an eye on the scrapes, if they AT ALL look oozy - or red and puffy - or it's obvious the pup is distressed, go right into the vet. it's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

be sure to keep both scrapes clean - simply dab w/ a warm clean cloth and air dry as much as you need to.

ETA - no need to cover the scrapes. they will heal much faster if exposed to fresh air. just be careful of the boo-boo's till they are all healed up. :-)

ETA - again... i'm not a vet. simply my own at-home practical advice. if you're unsure, please, DO go see your vet. a professional is always best.

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