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Do I need to take him to a vet???

Not sure what to do...Yesterday I was playing with my 4 month old pup in the hallway (it's capreted), we were playing fetch...After I got tired I noticed blood satins on the carpet, I checked his paws and discovered that on both of his front paws he injured(not sure what it's called) the soft ball above his paw...On one of his paws all the skin is completely off and on the other there half of it is in a form of a flap. He never let me know that this even happened, I cleaned them both with dilluted hydrogen peroxide and bandeged it up. He removed the bandages right away so I put a band aid on instead. It held on pretty well, now I'm not sure how I'll get the bandaid off since it's stuck to his hair and not sure if I shoud take him to a vet...It's not bleeding anymore and he walks fine on his paws...Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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