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Does this cat litter exist? Recommendations needed please

I am moving to Canada with 2 cats. A very popular litter in Europe is oko plus gold. It is good sized pellets, clumping and flushable. Oko does not exist in N America sadly as I am even up for getting it from the US as I am very close to the border. However, I cannot seem to find any litter that is reasonable sized pellet, clumping (I don't want wees sinking to the bottom of the tray), and flushable.

I have tried mine before on Worlds Best but it wasn't pellets so wasn't ideal. Pine fresh, feline fresh and shweat scoop appear to either be pellets or clumping, but not both.

Luckily they've been on Acana and Orijen food for years so food is sorted, just this litter dilemma.

Have I overlooked anything?

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