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Thanks to everyone for your replies. It's hard to know how to fix the problem when you're not sure to what degree he was abused and neglected. The woman who gave him up was quite upfront about her feelings for him. He was her ex husbands dog and she took her spite out on him. One wonders why hubby left him behind when he was his dog.
I've seen in one person's reply, her dog was very clean then regressed. That is the very case with Buster. He goes outside every day and does his business, then my parents walk into the back room and there's puddles everywhere, and he's cocked his leg against everything within reach. He's a very personable fella and I'd hate to see him being given up again as I believe once they go down that road, passed on from one to the other, it's kinder to actually put them down and spare them the misery that comes with being continually dumped and re-adopted.

I will mention the umbilical method. That sounds like a good idea. lol..If I hear he's dragged Mum from the chair lol..I'll let you know. He's been vet checked. My vet does a thorough job and when he went in for desexing - she went over him with a fine tooth comb. He's in good health and hopefully has a long life ahead of him.

Again - thanks for your responses. It will all be taken onboard.
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