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Thumbs up Made our Day!

Yes!! It is definitely contagious. You both have made our day with your wonderful 'rescue' anecdotes! Maya & Chico2, we save silverfish, too, along with bees any other creature unfortunate enough to be trapped by human 'ingenuity'. And yes, we know the feeling of being considered 'crazy'! But who cares when it creates such a positive feeling to save a struggling creature. Can you imagine being considered a 'hero' to all the creatures, small & large, you've saved? I'll take it any day! It's the age old question, isn't it...who's really the crazy ones...the people that don't get it or us??

Chico2, your 3 crows & their adorable offspring think you're wonderful & doesn't that thought make you smile?! We have sadly discovered living in suburbia, as well, that there is a frustrating limit to what we can do, simply because there's so much TO do for the all the creatures struggling to share space with often selfish & arrogant humans...but we all keep trying & that's what matters. You're absolutely right, a backyard or city street, strip of pavement or even a patch of cemet really is teaming with amazing & amusing life if you care to open your eyes & look closely enough.

We're so thankful as well for others out there, such as Maya & Chico2 to care enough to open their eyes to save silverfish & bees along with us. Just the fact that we can all share our 'crazy stories' illustrates the ever-widening connection made & we take heart from the wonderfully kind, interesting people out there.

Pat M.
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