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Smile animal lovers win!

Thanks for remembering us. Yes, we are the same people. In one of life's interesting ironic twists, my husband's animal hating boss was fired shortly I posted our plea for a result of the company's owner finding out from another employee about the manager's cruel streak toward the pigeons & other beautiful wildlife that congregate near the facility. Which is why both my husband & the pigeons are still there! We were able, after a short time of caring for them at our house, to return the pigeon pair back to their spacious & well-loved home amongst the building's shelves & rafters. My husband's work is situated in the foothills & canyons of So. California, so lots of migrating birds, deer, bobcats, coyote, quail, hawks, squirrels, foxes & an occasional bear make their way into the area where my husband works. He feels this to be the very best part of his job!

After the animal hating manager was fired, the owner, who thankfully it turns out is also an animal lover, made a special visit to the building where my husband works to see the huge white pigeons ('Rollers' we're told) & fell in love with them! The owner mentioned he was impressed with my husband's compassionate nature & talked at length with him about the pigeons & other struggling wildlife my husband has been quietly caring for. My husband received an unexpected raise on his next paycheck & was asked to run the facility. He now is happily taking care of business, the pigeons & all wildlife that wander in for a rest, some food & a little human compassion.

We have since 'adopted' an orphaned baby pigeon found outside the building by one of the employees & brought to my husband. The task of hand feeding & weaning the baby pigeon fell to a very nervous me & now at the rebunctious 'toddler' stage he is completely & comically bonded to me & my head! Ferdinand, the baby pigeon, is happily thriving at home with us & the rest of our fur family menagerie. The wonderful bird specialist vet that recently saved the white male pigeon, has informed us that our new addition is a sleek, beautiful & soon to be huge 'band-tailed pigeon', native to Washington state & not commonly found in this area??? Every day seems to hold a new & amazing animal adventure!

Pat M.
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