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Smile Pigeon drama happy ending!

Thanks to all of you for your intuitive suggestions & help! It seems you were all right! After desperately scouring the internet & our area for help we miracuously finally found a renowned bird specialist vet who was willing to look at our wild pigeon.

Unbelievably, it turns out he had recently re-located from New York & is now practicing in our city. Upon the vets advice, my husband gently captured the weak & ailing pigeon, put him a box & brought him home. I couldn't get over how huge & beautiful the white pigeon was. He tried to maintain his regal posture & dignity while sitting quietly in a cage we purchased to transport him to the vet, but I immediately recognized how weak & uncordinated he seemed. After teasing us about the lengths we went to helping what he says many people call 'flying rats', it took the vet 3 hours of observation & tests to determine that the pigeon's weakness was a result of a combination of factors, including a calcium deficiency & 'duck syndrome', which is caused by birds drinking stagnant water. The vet also checked for common bird protozoan & bacterial infections but found our wild pigeon free of any other illness. He explained that birds are extremely mysterious creatures as far as illness goes because they 'hide' their illnesses until it is often too late, so as not to be banished from the flock. Common blood tests that work well for most other aniomals are not effective with birds so very little is known about what exactly makes them sick. In his extensive experience he told us that he feels the 'intuitive approach' works best with birds. It also turns out that what we thought were a male/female pair at my husband's work is in fact two males, more than likely brothers from the same clutch, devotedly taking care of each other.

There is an old reservoir near my husband's work where the pigeons fly to once in awhile. The vet strongly suspects it may be the culprit for the contaminated stagnant water the pigeon drank. The vet recommended an optimun diet for the pigeon pair, a fresh daily water supply, calcium supplements & a week's regimen of pre-cautionary anti-biotics. I'm so happy to report that in less than a week after our pigeon drama the beautiful white bird has gained back his full stength is doing very well! We now just need to consider finding 'Sophie' a new name! My husband has begun the process of notifying the proper authorities regarding the unsafe conditions the stagnant reservoir pose to wildlife habitats. We may have another (people) drama to report very soon! Thanks to you all again. All Life counts.

Pat M.
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