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If I were paying money for a purebred pup, I would not buy this pup.

If I were paying money for a pup, I would not buy this pup.

If I were adopting this pup, I would need to make sure I and all my family members are prepared to:

*wipe the pup's anal area and vulva properly and thoroughly after each and every defecation and urination immediately afterward (yup, that means on the middle of Main Street) and ensure she is completely dry within a few minutes

*wash and dry then apply a powder and/or cream (depending upon your dogs propensity for infection it can be something as simple as Zinc or it can be an ongoing prescribed powder and cream) to the area each and every day, sometimes several times a day

*check for signs of irritation and infection each day

* check her urinary PH on a regular basis and treat accordingly for over/under acidity

My gal Ceili has a different condition (oversized vulva) than does this pup but, the end (pardon the pun) results are the same.
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