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Thank you for all the replies.

To answer some of the other questions:

We haven't been in contact with the breeder. However, we have been in contact with the owners of 2 of his brothers. They are susceptible to skin problems, but nothing like this. They just have to be careful with food otehrwise they get minor skin irritation.

As for the type of food, every 3 months we have been switching trying to find something that would help improve his skin but nothing really has. We have done grain free, raw and high end but with grain. 3 days ago we switched to Natural Balance Lamb and Rice at the advice of the Eurasier breeder that my sister got her Eurasier from (different breeder than the one we go Loki from).

The vet says it is not any type of mange, and the Thyroid tests came back today saying that he is in the very middle of the range that is considered normal.

And his fur is quite dry in the areas where he has the skin problem, but is actually very soft in the areas that he does not.

So now the vet wants to do a skin biopsy, which i guess can find things like fungus or a few other problems not found in blood tests. And an allergy test.

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