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Unhappy Just back from E-vet with Tabitha

Well just got back from the emergency animal hospital with Tabitha. She scared the living hell out of me after work today. I got home made supper and we just sat down to eat and she started wondering around in the crouching position to urinate and was leaving a trail of blood as she went. So off we went since the regular vet was closed for the day.

The e-vet checked her over and suspect that she has either a urinary infection, a reoccurance of idepathic cystitis again, or a tumor.
She checked out physically. Although her bladder wall feels very thick and her kidneys are really really tiny. The e-vet was awesome. He said that because I have done such extensive workups in the past year that I should see my regular vet first thing tomorrow. He confirmed that she is not critical so I could take her home. He said although he could do all the tests that he suspects will be done he felt it best for me to see them??

He also wanted to put her on an antibiotic but felt that it would mess up any workups that they may want to do tomorrow.

So we are home and she is having a nap! I dont think she liked all the poking and proding he was doing.

The worst thing tonight was that it will be 1 yr ago on July 12th that I lost Bomber. Wow it home and hurt let me tell you!

I hope tomorrow is a better day!
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