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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Barkingdog, Lupa doesn't care when Nikki grabs her tail, it's bushy enough I don't think she even feels it. They're always chewing on each other!

They are of course still puppies, but they're just as big as Halo is. They still have that puppy look though, and energy. In the pic where Lupa and Nikki are on opposite sides of the planter box, you can just make out the black of Halo behind the half dead tree in the box, but you have to know she's there to notice her.
I thought you where asking when they'll be full grown, of course I knew you know they're still puppies . It was a misunderstanding. I saw Halo in the photo , that is cute the way they all play together. Marty want to play with my daughter's cat when we going to her house but the cat want nothing to do with a dog. I wish Marty could have a brother or sister.
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