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We had her on a high protein grainfree diet Taste of the wild Rocky mountain Feline formula. The vet told us we now have to feed her Purina One Urinary tract health formula 1/4th cup morning 1/4th cup in the evening, she said it would not take away from her protein and if it did then it would not be for long because we can put her back to her high protein diet.(We still give her raw freeze dried chicken treats for protein) As for her litter box it is a covered litter box she uses it regularly but just goes outside also. It is in the bathroom and she has constant access to it, I clean it once a day at least and have even started cleaning it morning and night since she is going outside the box also. We use a clumping litter from Purina. We were told by the lady we got her from she is fixed and the vet said it was possible but she wasnt sure the cat is meowing by our door all night long and at the front door SoI am now thinking she may not be fixed (she doesnt do this at all during the day and she gets lots of attenton from me because I am home most all day unless I have an errand to run)
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