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Actually the Evolution formula probably is the best one that Multi Menu has as far as ingredients goes. I checked out the other formulations, and most have ground yellow corn and whole wheat flour in their ingredient lists, way up on top actually, something I would not agree is in a "high quality dog food". Just because a company claims their food is "all natural, no preservatives, and all Canadian ingredients" does not (IMO) mean it really is a quality food deserving of that title. Pedigree makes those claims as well, and I would call it a real stretch that they produce dog foods of superior caliber.

All I have to say is...that it's my dollar, and if its going into my dogs, I'd prefer that it contained less cheap fillers, grains, and fluff ingredients and more real meat protein sources, and quality carbohydrates. After comparing Multi Menu with other holistic brands, it really falls short, and there are many much better alternatives out there. As far as the cellulose thing goes...I think it's unecessary to add such things, beet pulp too, although I agree that their are worst things than beet pulp as well. I just prefer to feed it to my horses...who are herbivores.
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