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Unhappy Vets Negligence?

Vets negligence? Is it possible for an adult, female dog to develope TERMINAL, lung cancer within two weeks?

My dog had every type of x-ray and blood work done, to see if there was Cancer or other illness taking place. They said that there was only an infection on her teeth and she needed her teeth cleaned. Two weeks later when I went to pick her up from "having her teeth cleaned" they were going to make another x-ray to make sure of whatever it was wrong with her. Few minutes later they tell me there was nothing they could do because she had Lung Cancer spread out all over and the only thing to do was to put her down.

Is this possible or they never actually did an x-ray or blood test when I took her the first time? $245 total and another $93 after the other x ray to "make sure" of whatever.

Any suggestions or answers will be appreciated! I missed my little one so much!
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