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Do you know what's the diference between a breeder and a "creator" dogs?

When talking with a breeder about their puppies, there are some signs that can alert you. ESCAPE TO A SEVEN FEET:

The "creator" has no knowledge about the race that creates;
If you ignore or deny the existence of genetic diseases in this race, "No, my dogs have hip dysplasia!" ;
If not let you visit the kennels and see the puppies and adults;
If animals have not LOP (but are pure !!");
If dogs are not socialized;
The "breeder" is willing to let out the dog under 8 weeks;
The "creator" creates several races;
The "creator" is not interested in knowing your lifestyle or what conditions the animal has to offer, do not you put questions;


Do not put dogs in stores or on Web sites advertising all races (and some of whom nobody ever heard of);
"Choose" the buyer of his dogs and the dog will not sell if you believe that the dog will not be in good hands. Soon demand meet and ask questions to the buyer;
Do not allow your dogs going to new homes with less than 8 weeks old;
The puppies come with first vaccination, dewormed and possibly already chipped;
Creates one or two races just for the love of it and improve it and get good copies. There is another reason to make creation of purebred dogs.
Makes tests to their breeding lines of trying to eliminate genetic diseases common in the breed cause;
It makes a lot of litters, as opposed plans to make few and each of them;
Attempts to educate potential owners for the good and bad of the breed they have;
Is available to advise and guide the new owner;
It is available to re-accommodate any dog ​​of their offspring if the owners were not able to keep;
Plays only examples of good temper;
Does not depend on keeping dogs for a living, have other sources of income.

While the terrible creator (forgive me, I haven't take atention when I was translating)

Creates with a purpose: to sell;
It does not seek to choose the houses where the dogs go, the first to pay is served;
It has multiple broods;
Plays both young and old dogs too, not selected, it crosses what is usually bad copies of both temperament and conformation to the breed standard;
Do not do any testing with genetic diseases;
Sell ​​animals without LOP, so without any guarantee of lineage.
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