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Originally Posted by bendyfoot View Post
You must be confuzled, BenMax, I DISTINCTLY remember both you gals saying, "Bendy, you're a genius in every way, of COURSE you should remove those horrid, nasty floors and put new ones in".
I think you MUST be confusing that statement with MaxBen and Nalsa! I recall (and please correct me if I am wrong) that Aslan AND myself (that being BenMax) stated that you would be CRAZY to change your floors. Infact I believe that Aslan 'suggested' to strip them and then stain them. You complained however that the wood is soft and the dogs nails mark them. And then Aslan provided you with a solution as to what you would use to harden the floor...

Yep, yep...I DO recall the above. As for MaxBen and Nalsa - heck what do they know?
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