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Exclamation Injured 12 year old maine coon cat

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty grateful there's a forum out there that can help with our pets. Certainly now.

Approximately 2-3 weeks ago my mother stepped on our 12 year old cat in the dark. She growled and hissed but my mom didn't think she hurt her too bad, until we started to see her limp not too long after that.
So we take her to the vets and he says that she has a sprain and obviously favouring her left hind leg, but no x-rays were needed.

He gave her morphine for the pain, which didn't seem to work. We also had her urine tested because we saw she was peeing a bit for, but not a chronic thing though. Just thought it was the heat.

The test showed she had a bit of blood in the urine and that it was concentrated. She was put on antibiotics. After the pills are done we'll have to do another urine test to see if it was an infection or something more serious.

In the last 4 days we've seen her limp more. We know she's in pain, but she'll let us touch the leg without nipping or hissing. But we've also noticed her leg become more lame. I can touch her injured leg and move it like a rag doll. When she walks she sometimes curls her paw inward, trips a little, and may even bend her paw back.

Today I caught her upstairs, which surprised me. She was also hiding and sleeping more today. probably reinjured herself again.

We're just concerned it may be more than just a bad sprain. What are our options now? What should we look out for with an injury like this?

Thank you all the help anyone can give us. More than appreciated.
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