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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
That's incorrect. Yes, they had animal cruelty going on and when called on it they cleaned up their act. Vicki Burns who was director of the Winnipeg Humane Society toured their facilities and said she was very pleased with how their facilities are run and saw no evidence of remaining cruelty. WHS uses IAMS food in the shelter now, and I spent many hours doing internet searches when someone questioned me about that. To my knowledge, the only so-called organization saying that about Iams nowadays is PETA, and I did a very extensive search on this about a year ago. PETA said some things but the only proof they provided was quite a few years old, and I could not find any evidence of it in the last five years. PETA is not an organization whose credibility I trust, I'd need to see more than just their word on it.

I think if you are going to tell people on here that they are feeding their pets from food that involves cruelty, provide proof. Recent proof.
I looked at their website and the ingredients of their "top of the line" premium foods - both canned and dry. Neither would make it in my front door.

The dry is full of corn in various forms and some lovely chicken by products (you know, the parts of the chicken that they can't use for anything else so they dump it in petfoods.).

The canned is worse! Meat by products (which can include euthanized animals and/or roadkill) and chicken by products are both listed in the top 4 ingredients.
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