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Hi Sugarcatmom,

Thank you so much for your response and all of the great links! The info you've provided is very informative. I will be getting a home test asap. There are a lot of recommendations out there... which one do you use/recommend?

Unfortunately, a raw diet is not very feasible. My husband and I are both professors and have night classes so we have no time to prepare meals for Kis, let alone ourselves! I found a great chart that breaks down the nutritional facts of various wet foods I am reviewing them closely and will try a few out on him and see how he does. As aforementioned, he had a strong allergic reaction to Wellness so this will be a process of trial and error. As if having a MD cat isn't difficult enough, we also have the asthma to contend with.

I've located a Veterinary Specialist in my area and plan on taking him in. Hopefully they are more up-to-date in regards to diabetes treatment and management than my vet is! In the meantime, I have a lot of reading to do. I won't change his diet until I either consult with the specialist or when he goes back to his regular vet for a check-up in a few weeks. I don't care if she insists he should eat dry food, I am going to print out some of the articles written by DVMs who specialize in diabetes and bring them along and tell her I am switching him over. Do you recommend a specific brand? Kismet is not a very picky eater, fortunately. He prefers dry food, but will pretty much eat anything put in front of him. And not put in front of him, for that matter! We have to keep all food out of reach because he has been known to eat through packaging! Some foods he has helped himself to in the past are an unopened bag of cheetos he chewed a hole through, a wrapped brownie, and an unopened bag of bagel chips. He is also cuckoo for cantaloupe and will seriously stalk anyone eating any. My crazy little furball.

Thanks again!
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