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Why Home-made Dog Food Is Safe

The answer is you never want to kill your pet dogs by poisoning them everyday slowly by feeding the “commercial dog foods” which are just garbage. Amazing facts have been revealed by researchers, who were pet lovers and lost their loving pet-dogs to the monstrous greed of the commercial dog food manufacturers.

The $15 billion dollar industry of such commercial dog food manufacturing and trading is thriving because of the innocence and ignorance of hundreds of thousands of pet-dog owners out there. Barring a very few number of genuine commercial dog food corporate companies, most of them have only profit as their motive. They never bother about the love, affection, attachment and companionship one has towards their pets. Otherwise how would they justify adding –
 Deadly chemicals and preservatives to increase the shelf life
 Meat of dead dogs, cats and animals from zoo
 Euthanized animals
 Carcasses of road kills
 Sodium Pentobarbital – a deadly poison used to kill the animals by lethal injection
 Pet collars; flea collars; ID tags and plastic bags and so on

in their fantastically advertised commercial dog foods?

The unwary pet-lover goes to the nearest supermarket, buys the tinned commercial dog food and feeds his Jimmy or Rosy with these junk and poisonous materials every day. Had they known before hand about these deadly additions of chemicals, preservatives and real poisons, will they touch these commercial dog foods with a ten-foot pole?

So if you really love your pet-dog and do not want him or her to be subjected to an alarmingly high risk of suffering and agonizingly painful death sooner than later – the best way is to check them up first with your vet. Doctor. Change them smoothly to home made dog foods. They are very easy and inexpensive to make. Just blend 40% cooked meat of good quality; 30% vegetables and 30% starch – that’s all – your home made dog-food is ready. This way you can increase 134% of their life-span to be your loving pets ever.
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