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sugarcatmom you are awesome! I so very much appreciate all the info and links, thank you so much I will look at the links you provided and keep doing my reasearch before the appointment.

What was your cat eating before?
Oddly enough the only food she wanted to eat was Dry Friskies Chef's Blend. Just today I have read that at no time should a cat - especially a diabetic one- be eating dry food. The following following link is where I read it, I still have to continue reading the site. Plus it maybe useful to others.

Why? What was the higher protein food, do you know?
They wanted to change the food in hope that she would gain weight. I don't know what the higher protein food was/is it was just indicated to me via e-mail by the vet assistant, I asked but still have not rec'd an answer from them.

I tried to give her wet food (of the same medi-cal dry she now eats) and she wouldn't even give it the time of day. I was told that wet food texture was something that she just doesn't like. I've an appointment for next week to talk with them about the food and insulin. I will have a list of questions and points to go through with them and one question will be about the higher protein food. I will keep this thread updated after the visit.
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