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From another site:

"Your pup will also start to teethe (at around 3 to 4 months), so his mouth and gums will be very sore. Provide lots of chew things to soothe his mouth, like ice cubes, or an old face cloth, knotted, and made quite wet, with water. Put into the freezer until frozen, and give to your pup to chew on. The cold will soothe his gums. I had 2 or 3 of these going all the time during teething. Cold carrots are another option. Regular chew toys like Kongs are also good for loosening those baby teeth. Good luck with this, it can take a while in Labs, they are very oral, and like to get their mouths around things to explore them."


The vet give you any cause for concern or worry?

Give her childrens baby food from the jar. The gums may be sore and tender...use some of the above tips to help you out.

Cottage Cheese is good but don't over do it.

How is the water intake?
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