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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
Now I'd like to ask you for a tip, this time for me.
I worry a lot, seriously, a lot. I try to remain as calmed as possible however inside me there's this whirlpool of worry that thinks what if this, what if that.
My little cow kitteh here is stable however I always worry so, so much.
How can I handle this a bit better?
I know there is no way not to worry at all. I care so much about them it wouldn't be possible but a way that it's not so extremely hard on me.
I've seen a big share of pain and terrible things so now I am so wary.
Right now I think there's something telling me it'll be all right but at the same time I feel as if someone was squeezing my heart inside a fist.
Last time when the other rescued kitten (she's still here and doing excellent) got sick I couldn't eat, barely slept and my heart was always extremely heavy.
I think I need help to learn how to handle this better than what I do now.
Any ideas?
I'm the same way when it comes to my animals.or not mine or things in general. You need to find a way to release the stress and worry.exercise,meditation etc.I try to exercise and have more fun. in 2011 when i was down south on a load and thought i was having a heart attach and was in a hospital in springfield mo.even the doctors thought i was having or had a heart attack and after all was said and done heart was was all caused by extreme stress and worry.

You need to take care of yourself as scared the crap out of my family and friends.
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