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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Anette,I used to be like you too,shy and afraid to offend people.
However today,I am the total opposite,especially when it comes to the treatment of animals.
The thing is,since you love animals,seeing these dogs every day,will wear at you and you won't feel good until something is done.
I know,I've been in that situation.
Even if you just talk to the owner,tell him/her how you feel,get it off your you really care what he think's of you??
The animals are at the mercy of the owner,has nobody else to speak for them,so I would certainly say something and if there is any abuse,would report it.
That's exactly the way I'm feeling about it,the way you described it,it wears on me everyday,I even started avoiding the back yard because of it.I believe it's so great that you were able to change,I wish I had a little more of what it takes.
I've had a piece of paper and pen laying here all day trying to come up with something to say to him which would sound alright but so far hadn't had any luck with it.
I could really use some suggestions about how for example would some of you approach it,what would you say.
I'm don't think there's any abuse in the physical sense and I'm afraid if I call the local spca they will just make sure that the dogs have adequate water,food and shelter but can't do anything about them not getting any affection.
Thanks in advance!
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