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Unhappy Worried about neighbors dogs.

Hi everyone,
my new neighbor has two dogs,one a poodle and the other a medium sized schnauzer.They used to be inside dogs but are now outside because of his son supposedly having developed allergies,although I believe that that's just an excuse,since he told me himself that his wife don't like dogs
Are there any rescue groups for cases like that,I constantly worry and feel sorry about them.
I wish I could take them but since we got a 11 week old puppy my husband doesn't want me to.
I can't stand people like that,they get dogs,keep them indoors and then all of a sudden they end up outside
I keep on telling myself that at least for now they have each other but the poodle is already 11 and the schnauzer only 4 or 5,I thought that perhaps once the poodle passes away I could somehow find the schnauzer a new good home,I just don't quite know how to go about it...
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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