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Originally Posted by Ford Girl View Post
I just finished it, and for a dog lover and especially for those who know golden traits, this book was very good...a little murder mystery, a little sexual tenion, a whole lota goldens, and a very dedicated rescue worker...makes for a good read. It's not rocket science, but it's heart warming!!
Fordgirl, I read this book about a week ago, and quite enjoyed it.
I don't know if you've read his Odd Thomas series, I've the entire series over the past few days and loved, loved, loved them!

Koontz, even added a golden in the last book of the series "Odd Hours", in the book "Brother Odd", he introduced a ghost dog named Boo, who also follows "Odd" in "Odd Hours".

I was so entranced and enthralled by the "Odd Thomas" series, I seriously couldn't put them down.
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