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Does anyone here knit?

Well I've taken the plunge to teach myself knitting. But I already know how to crochet and cross stitch and other crafts but I really like the way knitted fabric looks and feels. Plus I want to make some stuff for me to wear.

Right now I'm doing a giant triangle shawl in Bernat cotton because it's the only yarn I have on hand. I made a ton of washcloths with it a few years back but bored of crochet, and it's too bumpy for my taste.

I am not too interested in toques (winter caps/hats) or mittens or scarves but maybe I could do some fingerless gloves one day. What I'm really interested in are plain pullovers, nothing too hard. Every pattern I find online is too stylish for me with funky stitches or calls for expensive yarns. I just want something plain and simple with either V neck or boat neck.
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