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No names yet Hazel. Going to take a few days to come up with them.
I didn't go with all small ones this time around. I got two 14", two 10", one 6" and two 3". None of them would be 2 years old yet, so they've all still got lots of growing to do, but I didn't want to start off with a whole crew of 3" fish. They hide a lot at that size and the bigger fish tend to make them come out and feel safer following them around.

The pond is between 3 and 4' deep 14+, 17' X 12' X 4', so it's quite the pool for them to grow in. I didn't have a big enough hole in the ice for them over this brutal winter, and had shut down all my pumps, so that's why I lost all my last fish. Stupid me, I know better and a normal winter it wouldn't have mattered, this winter caught me and my poor fish paid for my mistake.

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