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Question Uncontrollable Schnauzer


I adopted a Schnauzer from the SPCA a couple of months ago. He's 1.5 years old and not yet neutered (He will be in about a week). I think he was not really taken care of when growing and he was probably not very well socialized.
He is an extremely good dog. We have no issues with him when he is in the house, we taught him the sit, stay, come, and lie commands and he would only bark if a stranger comes in the house and it would normally stop soon after.
However, his walks can be a bit challenging. He gets very anxious/hyper when he knows he is going outside. As soon as he steps out he starts barking like crazy!! He pulls (not too bad though and usually only during the first minutes of the walk) but he would bark as soon as he sees any other dog, cat, bird, squirrel or human. He has a very pitchy bark and sounds like I am killing him!
Also, when he is out (either during the walk or when he is in the backyard), he completely loses his concentration and would not respond to any of the commands he normally performs in the house.
I'm not really sure how to deal with this, I've tried teaching him the quiet command but I haven't been successful. I really don't want to use the barking collars on him and I'm thinking of training classes.
Anyone there with similar issues and advice?? Thanks a lot.
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