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Originally Posted by dmillar59 View Post
I have two cats in my household, only one of them coughs. It is a deep low cough. I have had her to the vet and she has been on an inhaler (was of no help), she has had a steroid shot (which helped for a while) and then she went on Clavamox. The Clavamox worked immediately and she was cough free for a few months. I had the Clavamox repeated and she was cough free for six months. However, after the six months it would come back. This last time she was only cough free for 3 months. My vet now wants to do chest x-rays. She hasn't tested for anything viral or fungal. I would like to know what you think of this course of treatment? What should I ask for if I want to have a fungal or viral test instead of the chest x-rays?
Hi ,
My cat has had the same thing comes on every once in a while.He was on Clavamox drops also ,which does help , but now hes back at it again, since finishing a 2 week dose .He was also just diagnosed with Diabetes .
Just wondering what you might have found out and how the cats are doing ??
Thanks Newquay Girl and Sweetboy!
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