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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
No they're not! lol They are horrible at making logical decisions about people! They respond to cues they're owners often don't even see.

I have seen dogs respond poorly to people who are very good to them and are very trustworthy. I have seen dogs who are in care of people who should never be caring for dogs respond extremely well to them because they are fed tons of treats and their owner mistakes that positive response for thinking the person is trustworthy and safe to take care of their dog. Dogs are no more good at predicting character flaws then children. Children are scared of the dentist and they will trust a stranger with a pretty smile and a candy. Dogs are the same. Surrendering the responsibility to make decisions regarding character to your dog is plain foolish.
I was not talking about one dog! I was talking about the dogs that are already in the training class. If I saw a group of dogs in a training class and their body language show that they're uncomfortable around the trainer I am going to listen to the dogs. And my dogs are very good at judging people.
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