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Miracle doggy has been FOUND!!

We just wanted to post a happy ending update about Black Jack. He was missing for nearly 4 weeks (in and out of the dense wooded areas of Kanata) and after several sightings over a two day period and an over night stakeout, he was found at 1PM Sunday afternoon. It was like the scene from a movie. his Mom called his name and he sprinted out of the woods and nearly toppled her over, licking her and howling. After losing his way, he had finally found her and was happy that she never gave up. After many sleepless nights and hours every day searching and wondering he was reunited (and very happy to be back home). He is the exact weight and other than a dirty coat a ton of burrs he is happy and healthy. (Truly Miraculous)
This story shows how truly amazing dogs can be, and how no matter how long they are gone, they will always remember who loves them most
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