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Sorry to chime in kinda late but I've owned hybrids for over 30 years, they do not make good pets and should never be owned by someone not experienced with wolf traits. They are legal some some states and provinces but not others, even some cities have bylaws against them. Some low content WDs can make good dogs and pets but the trend is toward high content, very silly as even my latest mid content is not safe around strangers, especially small children. The first time he saw a toddler I knew I could never trust him again. They do not like anything new or strange, which means you have to watch them always in the city. They may never trust even their owner 100%, which is really sad if you need to nurse them someway. As far as training them as working dogs, maybe a low content or a very selectively bred mid, but not in general and never in the low F generation. F generation IMO means as much or more than claimed % as to how wild your dog maybe, my last one was only 25% but f2, very wild and did bite me more than once. Trouble is u can never really trust a breeder, and yes way too many bad dogs r labeled as being wolfdogs or even maybe worse, some wolf looking good dog as such. Most dog shelters do not accept known or suspected wolfdogs, many put down any they get custody of. My first WD was f5 and only ~33%, she was amazing, but not so with every other one I've had since. If u want a good guard dog get one selectively bred dog to be so and train it properly, chances are you will be happy. Wolfdogs are unpredictable, and when they get into trouble the result is far more scary than any dog. Yes I own them, but I live 24/7 keeping them out of trouble, not many people could do so. It's a constant battle to get them to do what u want or need them to, more than just head strong they r extremely powerful. The military and police have tried for centuries to produce working wolves and higher content wolfdogs, without luck. Your GSD is the closest thing to a wolf that can be useful in a working situation. These do have some resent wolf blood but very low in content. Same with many northern dogs, sure they may have some wolf blood, but not much, likely less than 1/3 if they r going to be workable. Note some states and provinces rightly restrict wolfdogs by their F generation, California and Alberta r 2 examples. So if you want a dog that u can't trust, will bite you if u push it the wrong way, and may not start a dog fight but will end one faster than u can imagine, ignore my experience. Yes my pitbull is more likely to find a dog fight, but I can break it up b4 any harm done, if a wolfdog gets attacked by some guard dog who smells a wolf, it's way more likely to result in serious injury.
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