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Originally Posted by growler View Post
With the Wellness canned a rough starting point is 1/2 of a 5.5 oz can twice a day that's if they are only eating canned. If they are eating dry as well then you either cut back on the canned or the healthier choice would be cut out the dry.

Anything that is left in their dish after they eat remove that amount from the next meal - ie if you give each cat 4/8 (1/2 a can) a 5.5 oz can and 1 cat eats 3/8 of a 5.5 oz can for that cat give them 3/8 in the next meal. If they are leaving food behind it's too much, if once you start cutting back they are looking for more little by little add more. Beware though some are just pigs & will continue to eat even when they are not hungry anymore.

Are OS & M at a good weight for their size? or are they getting a bit pudgy too?
Thanks growler. I tried giving them all 1/4 cup of wet food as I read something last night about feeding 4-6 oz of food split up into 2 - 3 feedings a day.

They all ate the 1/4 cup of food but that didn't seem very much. I will be feeding them 3 times a day, with wet food, or sardines and other meat. No dry food, it took me almost a year to get willie off dry food so I'd like to stick to the wet food.

O'Shawnnessey and Mirabelle are at a good weight, I can see an indentation where their waist is.

Darby has no waist line, same size from bow to stern.

Originally Posted by growler View Post
With cats they are "grazers" they like to eat a little here & a little there so twice or three times a day is best. If they have dry out to munch on during the day then canned once is okay, if fed canned twice a day they are more likely to pick that over the dry food
Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
A rough guideline is 20-30 calories per pound per day. So a 10 lb cat might need between about 200-300 calories, although factors like age and energy level play a role. My rather sedentary 16 yr old only gets something like 15 cal/lb/day and he's still chubby.
thanks scm for the information. I just have to figure out how many calories are in their food.

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