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Yes, you can do more for her but her condition needs to be assessed by your Vet before deciding on a protocol.

Rimadyl or Cartrohpen Vet are extra things your Vet can do. I have my Lab girl on Cartrophen Vet injections and I have to say the results are amazing but differ for every dog. At mine's very old age of 14.5 she now gets a booster once a month but at first it was only every six months.

I also supplement with Glu/Chon but again, after checking with the Vet as to appropriate dosage. My girl gets a 900 mg G/C at brekkie and at supper. I buy whatever is on sale at a local pharmacy. The Vet version is WAY more expensive. My Vet agrees this is OK.

The thing with G/C and cartrophen is that they may actually help to repair small damage and help to prevent further degradation of the joints. It is good to start them early.

Something that also worked for us was to actually increase my girl's exercise. We were used to doing the weekend warrior thing with long, long hikes and cross country skiis. After reading how aging baby boomer humans were finding that hard on their joints I wondered if the same applied to my girl. So, we began to do one longer outing midweek and kept up our regular schedule otherwise. It worked so well I took her off the cartrophen and she did not go back on it for five years (age 8 to 13).

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