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Originally Posted by akaJenT View Post
excellent description of how dogs interact! Thanks! I've been watching my two socialize a lot and it really is amazing the subtleness and signals.
It is. If you actually watch them, read the language, then it gives you a wonderful understanding on how to approach certain issues. The only time I saw aggression is when one lost the play battle. All I ever have to do change their path is to redirect it by saying 'Hey' and pointing to their mats. They recover from the negative interaction very quickly and walk through the door together like nothing happened. All is forgiven.
With humans however it is not forgiven if they are roughed up. They become fearful and this can possibly flourish into other problem areas.
What dogs do to dogs, people cannot effectively pass on the same 'message'. It just will not work and infact can do more harm than good.
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