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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
yeah I'm with you BenMax, I don't think I'd be putting my face that close to a dog after flipping him,

SamIam *L* yeah, I can see a huge dog laughing at us trying to do just that *L*
This is why I hesitated and this is what he senses, that I have a little fear of him. If I had had him since he was a pup, it would be clear in his mind who was in charge, but since I didn't, and it's clear to me that he's challenging me on this, I need to take control and growling in his neck is just telling him in a language that HE understands that he's not to challenge me.

This was invaluable when I had a HUGE Rottweiler that growled at my son when he was learning to crawl. The SECOND he did that, I flipped him and let him know there was NO WAY that was going to happen. He never did that again and turned out to be an amazing nurturing protective dog that watched over all the neighborhood kids, especially when they toddled "through the woods" of our joined back yards, "hunting for bears".

If he had continued to growl and threaten, he would have been gone. It was imperative he realized he had to quit that fast.
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