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I had a white shepherd as well and we lived in Welland, wonder if we
had the same breeder.
My vet gave me metacam or the human equivalent is meloxicam/mobicox for
the pain in the hips. Metacam comes in a liquid, so easy to give and
my dog seemed to know that it would help her. Sometimes I would
give her a dose before she went to play/walk.

After reading that metacam for dogs and meloxicam for humans was
identical, I converted the dose recommend by vet to what was in a pill
and gave Jasmine the meloxicam. I do have a diploma in pharmacy and chemistry so was confident dose was correct.

The metacam did wonders for her. No limping and she managed stairs better.
We also added a ramp to the entrance way, over the stairs to make it easier for her and the poodle we had as well.

As a side note meloxicam did nothing for

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