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I usually speak to him as soon as I set my school bag down, but I see the blanket pulled in first and just go to pull it back out so he doesn't see Forest and therefore set him off again. The hissing seems new, as with him wanting to climb all over me and even plopping himself on my chest in between my laptop, it has been very nice for him to want to help keep my lap warm ! When he hisses I ask him in a nice voice why he is hissing and then he meows back as if he wants out, or can't get out fast enough. Other times he has hissed after being put in the crate at night time. Maybe he's getting tired of being put in there all the time, I dunno. Thanks for thinking of reasons tho

Ya we're just hoping right now, nothing is set in stone, but it can't hurt to visualize either...
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