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Originally Posted by Puppy_Pal View Post
Ford Girl, I have to agree with you that this is very sad. I will admit, I didn't think that there were anymore in the pound of this breed than any other. And I say that because I watched the pound around here for over a year before I decided on a dog. I am sad to hear of ANY dog being left there for nothing.
Exactly, thats all my point was, I do see all kinds of "pure" breds and very popular breeds in the shelters, tones, I wouldn't say there are more breeds then others in the pound, but all breeds can be found at one point or another, but I do hear that people who want a specific breed, like yourself, looking forever and not finding one, thats all just timing....they can be found, so many of them. People just don't think that anyone would put a pure bred in a shelter...papers or not they are there. The difference is, dogs from real legit breeders can be returned tot he breeder, no need for the pound. Your best bet if you have your heart set on a specific breed is to contact a breed specific rescue.

It's all after the fact now, you have your pup and love it to bits, and my pup is from a "farm" too, learnt about byb after the fact, all we can do now is help educate and learn...

Originally Posted by Puppy_Pal View Post
the reason poster, that you see so many of them in shelters and rescues is because "buyers" didn't do their homework

When the labradoodle phase is over, be sure another will begin.
I guess some people shouldn't have pets. PERIOD.

I will post pics for those who asked.
Exactly...another phase will come, and it will be followed by people who believe that these dogs are "desgner" and worth the double amount. People don't think ahead...there are so many owner surrendered dogs where I volunteer, for so many reason - which I will never understand - which is why I dont work in admissions.
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