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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
What's a "3 tube"? Unless that was a typo and you meant e-tube.

No one is asking you to do this to one of your pets, so not an issue. Although I would like to mention that you are commenting on something you know nothing about, and not in a helpful way. Having successfully tube-fed cats on more than one occasion, where they went on to live very long happy lives, I can tell you that feeding tubes save lives and are not the invasive horror that you seem to think they are.
Yes an E-Tube and thanks Sugarcatmom for the support. I feel bad enough having to put him through surgery but if he's generally healthy I want to give him a good life and watching him stave to death is not a good life. I have seen him bounce back from deaths door twice now and hopefully third time is the lucky charm. I'll keep you up today and feel free to send any info you might think I will need. This is my first E-Tube.
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