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GF, it's funny how quickly they get used to letting us feed them isn't it! Shadow does okay on the stairs so long as she pays attention. If she gets going too fast she'll trip. I normally try to leash her at the top of the stairs so I can control the speed of descent Sometimes Halo goes down first and starts barking at something and then Shadow races down them and that's always a bad thing. But yes we've done the towel thing before with our last dog. Mostly now I try to use the front stairs for Shadow as there are only a few. Perkins is a sweetie. Shadow seems to like coming and laying her head on my arm for neck scratches lately, which is new for her. She always used to just wander by and have a quick hello and then move on. She has to know I'm around, but not super cuddly. Lately though she'll stand in front of me and just lean her head on me. I'm loving that new affectionate side of her! This is such a peaceful shot though.
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