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Hi! I'm sorry I'm not always in front of the computer. You may see me logged on, but I tend to check all the new posts and then leave the computer on while I go about my other activities, checking back from time to time. When I'm at work, I am fortunate in having a computer in front of me but my employer is funny in that he expects me to be working. Weird, huh? But in between duties, I can manage to sneak peeks and often take my breaks at my desk.

As young as your older cat is, I don't really see the harm if Winnie does manage to get some of the kitten's food. Feeding them in separate rooms is a good idea too. The kitten food is a higher protein formula for a developing kitten, but a 1 yr old is not going to be injured by it. On the other hand, the kitten does need the extra.
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